Why I Criticize Other Christians–and Why You Should, Too!

Okay, I’m kidding about the second part–but not much. Here’s a link to my most recent column in Faith Today that explains a few things.

I’m told that if you have trouble accessing this page, disabling cookies on your browser should do the trick.

And don’t criticize me for being technically incompetent. Or I’ll call you a bad name. And we don’t want that, do we?

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  1. Linda Wightman

    Okay, so I see that someone was able to get in. Maybe I’m the technologically incompetent one, but I don’t think my problem has to do with my browser and cookies, because what I get is a message saying the site is restricted to magazine subscribers only.

    • John Stackhouse

      If you, like me, have “used up” your “free visits” to this site, then you can’t get on.

      BUT: I will be posting this article on my blog in a short while. My agreement with Faith Today is a “first-time rights” thing, which means I wait until their readers (print and electronic) get first look, then I can post it here.

  2. rob plante


    Isn’t it more specific,because of the lack of knowledge or less knowledge about there own faith, to be more sceptical instead of critical of/towards Christians?

  3. Lois

    Thank you John for providing a linear thought pattern in “criticizing” fellow Christ-bearers. . .this is especially pertinent for someone who has graduated from Regent and now working in a church and struggling through these tensions. I do so appreciate your reminder of doing it in love.


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