Why Pay Someone Just to Make Art?

Two people stand before two canvases. Both are painting. One deserves to be paid, the other doesn’t. Why?

This article is a particularly brilliant explanation of art as vocation that avoids disparaging art as hobby.

And when it comes to the church in particular paying for art, well, yes, we should, as the author argues well.

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  1. gingoro

    My wife is an artist. In the past she has created and sold works in painting, sculpture and prints. She has had one woman shows in Helsinki and Toronto. Now she works mainly in fabric wall hangings. She has done both explicitly religious work and none religious work, mainly the later.

    I function mainly as the patron supplying the tools and materials she needs to create her work. Her fabric stash functions as her pallet with thousands of dollars spent to create it. As well she needs a new sewing machine every few years as she literally wears them out.

    The only justification for art I can find is that it feeds the soul as it confronts us with a different view on reality.

    A few pictures of her liturgical work are on flickr and if you click on my handle you should be able to view them if you have a yahoo id. I need to add more when I can find the images. Many pieces were sold with little or no record being kept, as we figured there would be more produced. Alas sickness intervened and less was produced than one would have expected.
    Dave W

  2. David Alexander

    I’m an artist and do enjoy the labor of love. To me it’s not work as we know work, although I admit it does have many elements of work. It’s more of a jurney, a road trip, to expression of nature, creation and ideas or thoughts.

    If one looses this labor of love and art becomes a work issue, I think we all lose something.

    We do not paint (in my case) for compensation as such, but for expression either for someone or many someones.

    Being paid for this labor of Love is great, no question, and it is something that provides a certain joy as people love the creation enough to pay for the expression. This is good.

    One other thought…Some artist paint or do what they do for payment from whoever…others do it because the love it and are compensated because others do so as well.

    The lable of being an artist is all thats needed. Their is no distintion between the person doing the art. One may do it to relax the other to express and another for making a living. I assume it’s a bit of all the above.

    I say to those who consider themselves a hobbiest…your not, you are an artist…paint each day (or whatever) and make a dream come true !


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