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A Few Provocative Lines

Here is a small bouquet of quotations to ponder when you’re taking a break from summer recreation:

Samson sought the Holy Spirit so he might be a hero, but never so that he might become a saint. (Mark Buchanan)

Avoid adjectives of scale. Then you will love the world more, and desire it less. (Matsuo Basho)

“Take what you want,” said God. “Take what you want—and pay for it.” (Spanish proverb)

Where there is excess, there is a lack. And where there is a lack, there will be excess. (Anon.)

It’s fine to pursue career success and to pursue happiness—but separately. (Yolanda Von Hockauf)

There is far more in Christ to steady you than there is anywhere else in life to trouble you. (James S. Stewart)

And finally, a little dark humour worth taking seriously:

There is always room for improvement . . . and then you die. (Anon.)

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