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Keynotes & Seminars

Dr. Stackhouse has addressed teachers in Malaysia, physicians in Canada, executives in Korea, ethicists in the United Kingdom, CEOs in the USA, scholars in China, student leaders in New Zealand, pastors in India, educators in Australia, and religious leaders in Israel.


He offers serious audiences around the world what such people seek from experts:


explanation, and



What's going on, how did it get this way,

and what is to be done?





Who Are the Evangelicals—and What Do They Want?

Evangelicals are in the news—all around the world. And evangelicalism is one of the fastest growing religious varieties in the world.

But who are these people? Where did they come from? Where are they going? Are they dangerous?

Or are they among the most socially productive people on the planet?


"I'm Right. You're Wrong. Go to Hell"

How to Talk about Religion

How can we discuss our deepest differences, including religious differences, with both courtesy and conviction? How can we engage in conversation about spiritual matters—in school, on campus, at the workplace, in our families, and in our politics—as gift-giving rather than as martial arts? How can diversity in religion mean greater mutual richness rather than greater hostile division?

I encourage every pastor who knows John Stackhouse to invite him to spend a weekend with you. The folks at Trinity Baptist Church are still talking about the weekend Dr. Stackhouse was with us and are now asking, "When are we going to have him back?"

Richard Hipps, Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Memphis


Can I Believe? Can Anyone?

Defending & Commending the Faith in the Real World

Christianity is the most popular explanation of reality ever to appear. Two billion people today, across all lines of culture, profess to believe it.
But why? It's such a strange story: How is a man suffering on a Roman cross supposed to symbolize life and hope? And it's such a strange religion: How is the chequered history of the Church supposed to impress anyone, let alone welcome them to join?

This is apologetics as gift-giving, not as martial arts.

The Ticking Bomb

Why Leaders Fail—and How to Keep Them from Failing

 How can leaders help their teams out of their strengths without hurting them out of their weaknesses? How can companies and churches structure themselves to keep leaders from

screw-ups & scandals?

 Profession-based  presentations

Audience-specific analysis, explanation, and prescription

Desk Globe


Dr. Stackhouse has addressed teachers conferences on celebrating (and recovering) one's love of teaching; on how religion does (and doesn't) belong in the classroom; and on what teachers should and shouldn't attempt with their students.

Justice Scale

Lawyers, Jurists, Politicians & Journalists

Dr. Stackhouse has worked with many legal professionals and journalists to analyze challenges regarding individual and corporate rights, multiculturalism, diversity, equality, inclusion. He has addressed law schools at Stanford University, the University of British Columbia, and Pepperdine University; given expert evidence in Canada and the USA; spoken to the British Columbia Bar Association and the Christian Legal Fellowship; and appeared at several conferences of journalists.

Doctor's Desk_edited.jpg

Health Professionals

Dr. Stackhouse has helped conferences of physicans, dentists, physiotherapists, and other medicos wrestle with conscience rights, bioethical controversies, and issues of gender and sexuality.

Antique Volumes

Professors & Students

Dr. Stackhouse has conducted faculty workshops across North America on clarity of vocation, excellence in teaching, and fruitfulness in scholarship. He has spoken to student groups on several continents particularly about what it means to be a Christian on campus and how to share one's faith and both courtesy and conviction. 

Church Cross


Dr. Stackhouse has helped pastors and other ministry leaders confront thorny issues ranging from money (what it is and what it ought to be to us) to worship (what it is and how to do it well), from sexual ethics to realistic and redemptive leadership structures, and from effective preaching to deep discipleship.

Church Aisles


A lifelong churchman, Dr. Stackhouse has preached and taught in congregations identified as Anglican, Baptist, Brethren, Church of Christ, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Christian Reformed, Evangelical Free, independent, Lutheran, Mennonite, Methodist, nondenominational, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Reformed, and United.

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