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A Wiki Bibliography on Canadian Evangelicalism

I’ve posted on this before–about a year ago, in fact–but I’ve just had contact with some more researchers on Canadian evangelicalism who didn’t know about it, so here it is again:

It has been my honour to help guide the new Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism (CRCE), a venture of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

The CRCE sponsors research, publishes its own journal (Church & Faith Trends), and helps journalists and researchers understand evangelicals better.

Now the CRCE has established a research tool  that, I believe, is unprecedented anywhere in the world. (Tell us, though, if there are other such tools.) It is a bibliography on Canadian evangelicalism that has been established using wiki technology. Only scholars can register to contribute (and we hope everyone in that category will do so), but anyone can use it.

This tool should save people hours, if not days, of research time. So visit the site if such research interests you, and please expand it if you have expertise to offer.

And congratulations to project manager Rick Hiemstra who put it together with help from EFC’s IT experts.


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