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Anti-Americanism: Insecurity? Paranoia? Racism?

As we near our 150th birthday as a country, Canadians find it easy to be a little bit smug.

Our usual points of reference—Britain, the USA, and France—are in political disarray, while our Prime Minister is handsome, glib, and cool atop a majority government that steams along, for better or worse.

In fact, particularly when it comes to the States, we’re riding high. There’s nothing like anti-Americanism to give normally tepid Canadian patriotism a charge, and Mr. Trump and his GOP colleagues savaging/saving health care, immigration law, and various forms of decency down there give us daily jolts.

I used to think anti-Americanism was the core of our putative Canadian inferiority complex—you know, the mouse-and-the-elephant thing—stemming from the rise of American global dominance during and after the Second World War.

But anti-Americanism goes ‘way back: to the founding of our country.

And there were good reasons for it.

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