Music at Regent this Summer: Wow

Two courses this summer featuring two of the world’s experts on a Christian understanding of music. I’m not exaggerating (as, of course, I never, ever do): These scholars are as good as they come. So if you want to think more deeply and interestingly about music in particular, as well as the arts in general, get on over here:

At the beginning of our spring school (MAY 26-30), we welcome back the inimitable Jeremy Begbie to help us in  Fostering a Scriptural Imagination for the Arts.

Jeremy knows some stuff about this. He serves as the Thomas A. Langford Professor of Theology at the Duke Divinity School, having earned one or two degrees and honours along the way: BA (University of Edinburgh), BD (University of Aberdeen), PhD (University of Aberdeen), ARCM (Royal College of Music), LRAM (Royal Academy of Music), FRSCM.


Other people like Jeremy, too. He is Senior Member at Wolfson College, Cambridge, and an Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Music at the University of Cambridge. Previously he has been Associate Principal at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, and Honorary Professor at the University of St Andrews where he directed the research project, Theology Through the Arts, at the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts.

He is the author of a number of books and his next book, Music, Modernity and God, is scheduled for publication by Oxford University Press in early 2014. (Well, don’t be too impressed by the Oxford Press thing: They’ll apparently publish anybody these days. But the other credentials seem sound enough….)

Jeremy has taught widely in the UK and North America, and delivered multimedia performance-lectures across the world, from Israel to Australia and Hong Kong. So, yes, you should come meet him here.

Toward the end of our summer school (JULY 21-25), we welcome for the first time one of the most intellectually interesting people I’ve ever met, Daniel Chua.