"Ring by Spring"? Giving Women Alternative Futures

Here in Upland, Indiana, I’ve been told by reliable people at Taylor University that many, many of their young women come to college with marriage and family uppermost in their minds. I’m sure the same thing is true at many other schools. To aspire to marriage and motherhood is quite wonderful, of course, but since it is not obvious to everyone just how to pursue such worthy life goals while also pursuing graduate school and/or early career, many women simply don’t explore these latter options.

Here’s the constructive challenge: To set out a variety of life trajectories, ideally drawn from the lives of actual women, to show what might happen. Much feminist literature speaks of the value of an “imagined future” by which one might steer one’s life. Such futures, in this case drawn from real experiences, could be of immense value in helping young women make good choices in these key early years of adulthood.

Has anyone already done this sort of thing somewhere? If not, are there a group of people at a college or church who would undertake it and share it with the rest of us?

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