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Special Events This Week in Vancouver–and Abbotsford

I’m to speak at the following three special events this week. If you come and you heard about it/them here, let me know!

Study Skills Seminar Friday, 23 January, 1-4 p.m., Regent College  This course will help you listen better in class, take better notes in class, read anything more quickly and more efficiently, mark up a book so that you understand its architecture and can come back to it for reference, take notes from sources you don’t own (as in a library), make the most of every study session, and more. Indeed, one of the skills you’ll learn is how to read a book in 15 minutes. And another skill you’ll learn is when you can safely stop studying for a test. It’ll cost you about thirty bucks. Sign up in advance with the Academic Secretary for a discount.

Writing Seminar Saturday, 24 January, 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Regent College  This course is not a remedial course. My colleague Polly Long teaches a fine course next weekend for students needing help writing at the graduate level. My seminar is at a professional level for very good writers who want to consider writing as part of their occupation. It’s about how to conduct a writing life—a Christian writing life—and how to make the most of one’s skills especially in scholarly or theological writing, but also in mainstream and Christian journalism as well.  Same deal: thirty bucks or sign up in advance with the Academic Secretary for a discount.

Public Lecture Sunday, 25 January, 7 p.m.: “Are Christians Un-Canadian?” at Calvin Presbyterian Church, Abbotsford, BC. This will be a discussion of obstacles Canadians face in both evangelism and public policy, and how we can respond positively and creatively (that is, not all in the same way!). All welcome.

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