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Best Advice at 50

Your servant passed the 50-year mark yesterday. Family and friends turned up for a highly convivial evening hosted by my beloved who, after 30 years of marriage, still surprises me with her astonishing talents in art and hospitality.

The previous day, I gave myself a stress test Canadian-style by going skiing on our mountain (Seymour). Yes, I was a little sore the next day, but nothing that a prudent regimen of Advil and Glenmorangie couldn’t soothe. (Important Disclaimer: Self-medication is dangerous and this blog in no way recommends it—unless you’re a doctor . . . and, conveniently enough, I am one.)

The photo is courtesy of middle son Joshua, who came along:

As one thus begins one’s second half-century, one ought to be wise—or, at least, no longer settle for being non-wise.

So I’d like your help: What’s the best single line of advice you’ve ever been given?

Yes, smart-aleck answers will be allowed, even encouraged, but I hope a few pearls will appear as well.

Got one to share?

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