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Campus Ministry: What Needs to Be Done

As an extension of the current thread about Ph.D.’s, vocations of teaching, and the like, I have posted a long-ish paper on “Engaging the University: The Vocation of Campus Ministry.”

I have thought about publishing it in a traditional print medium, but I can’t think of one that would reach the right people, namely, campus staff workers, students, and pastors of churches supportive of (or even feeling like rivals to) university Christian fellowships. So I hope you will enjoy it and help it go “virally” to anyone else who might profit from reading it. And I hope you’ll add your comments to improve its usefulness!

Campus ministry is another terrific vocation for intellectually minded Christians—but only if it is construed and pursued properly. Otherwise, it can devolve into “advanced babysitting” or “the college and career fellowship in a campus building instead of a church building”—big deal. Instead, it can have a lasting and crucial impact on people as it had on me—and as it has had, so says an article I read today, on the giant church in China. So I hope some of you will be encouraged to consider this work, or to reconsider how you’re doing this work. May it flourish everywhere!

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