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"Expelled" and Intelligent Design: Thanks for the Help!

We weren’t able to go to “Expelled”‘s preview last night, but if I do get to see it soon (we usually watch movies at home, since some people’s behaviour in theatres nowadays prompts me to unChristian thoughts) I’ll likely record a few thoughts here.

I read or viewed pretty much everything posted in comments after my previous post. Thanks so much, friends, for those references! The ones I found personally most illuminating were these:

Review of “Expelled”: The detailed article by Prof. Jeffrey Schloss of Westmont College

Discussion of Intelligent Design: The generally excellent “map” of Prof. Loren Haarsma of Calvin College

Dialogue about both subjects: The exchange between Peter Chattaway, a Canadian film reviewer, and Kevin Miller, co-screenwriter of “Expelled,” which is extraordinarily impressive for both its intellectual quality and courtesy.

Some of the other links posted are to sites more to one extreme or the other, such as the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) on the one side and Answers in Genesis on the other–with neither of which I resonate, although I’m glad to read them. But there’s lots of good stuff between those two posted here (and, of course, elsewhere), and I’ve been grateful to read that especially.

Thanks again for your help, friends!


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