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Fighting Our Phobias

While the U. S. President continues to wrestle with the American judiciary over whether people wanting to enter the United States can and should face religious screening—this morning’s story is of Muhammad Ali’s son, an American citizen, being asked at a Florida airport whether he is a Muslim—our Canadian parliamentarians are value-signaling like mad.

The Liberals support a motion (M-103) of one of their rookie backbenchers, Iqra Khalid, that would draw the federal government’s attention to something called “Islamophobia.” They feel so strongly about this legislation that they defeated a motion supported by all the other parties to combat “all forms of systemic racism, religious intolerance, and discrimination.” The Liberals have apparently “got religion,” and that religion is, for now, Islam.

No one in this vituperative discussion has made clear how any such bill would make a material difference to the life of a single Muslim in Canada, especially when we already have laws against hate crimes and religious discrimination. Indeed, according to a national poll, the vast majority of Canadian Muslims are far more unhappy about Canada’s demanding weather than by any frosty reception they have received from their neighbours.

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