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Hockey Night in Canada Theme Contest: A Shameless Plug

Canadians know (and thanks to Stephen Colbert, so do many others) that the CBC surrendered its longtime musical theme for its premiere broadcast, “Hockey Night in Canada.” In a brilliant public relations move, it is now holding a national contest to replace that theme.

Our son Joshua is a composer (currently studying at the Conservatory at Wheaton College, Illinois) and has submitted an entry.

It is The Best Entry. You should register, log on, and vote for it. Yes, you should. It is, as I say, The Best Entry.

Strangely, all of the entries I’ve looked at have startlingly low scores–few above “2” out of “5.” My guess? Composers and their friends are sabotaging rivals. I mean, can they all be that bad?

In fact, the website is poorly designed. Once you have registered, every time you log in, you can listen again, vote again, and have it count again.

So for now, have a listen and vote online for fun—and then in October for real.

You know it’s the right thing to do.


Josh’s Dad

P.S. We’re heading out on late summer vacation, so I’ll suspend posting until September. Shalom to you all!

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