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My Cute Little Cousins—Now on the Ground in Haiti and Uganda

I used to hug and tickle my cousins Kent and Jeannie when I was a Bible school student in Edmonton and lived with their parents for that year. They were as adorable as two kids can be.

I’m not kidding: Check ’em out (and ignore the impossibly young man holding them):

Well, cute little Jeannie is now Dr. Jeannie Annan, child psychologist whose expertise is in the traumatic effects of war on men, women and children in northern Uganda and southern Sudan. She has conducted her research sometimes in a flak jacket between armed guards.

Cute little Kent is now well over six feet tall, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, and a co-director of Haiti Partners. The fine Canadian journalist George Strombolopoulos interviews Kent about what Haiti is like and what it needs here.

Kent’s tender and provocative new book, Following Jesus through the Eye of the Needle, about being a middle-class kid trying to walk with Jesus in Haiti is here.

(Yes, I’m very proud of my cousins.)

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