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Renovations…of All Kinds


  1. always require more demolition than we had anticipated,

  2. always make a bigger mess than we had hoped,

  3. always take longer than we had expected,

  4. always cost more than we had first thought,

  5. and

  6. always try our patience and commitment far past what we had thought was our breaking point.

But… if done right, without compromise and with unlimited resources, what a wonder can result!

And no one then complains that it wasn’t worth it, but instead exclaims,


Online Resources for leaders and earnest disciples


ThinkBetter Media provides accessibleinformed, balanced, and practical Christian insight and direction around crucial issues in contemporary culture. 

If you have only half an hour—or even just 10 minutes some weeks!— you can still think better.

Sign up or start a two-week free trial  to get access to a growing library of resources where complex subjects broken down into specific, concrete, and practical content.

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