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Startlingly Good Photography: Michael Wheatley

Kari and I have had the privilege of buying art from several of the thousands of talented artists in British Columbia–an extraordinarily rich ground upon which to find art.

Our taste runs a pretty broad gamut: from expressionist/abstract to impressionist to neo-pop to mixed media to sculpture.(Our most recent acquisition, in honour of our 30th anniversary, is an evocative mixed media work by Donna Baspaly–the link will bring you to a number of her works, and ours is “This Place Speaks to Me.”)

But we also have found some superb photographs, both to mount on the wall and, wonderfully, to give away via greeting cards to friends. Our favourite nature photographer is Michael Wheatley, two of whose photographs hang above me now as I type, and I invite you to visit his website and let yourself be dazzled as “Oh, isn’t that beautiful!” gives way to further, deeper reflections.

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