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Summer hiatus

I write today from Wheaton, Illinois, in Chicago’s western suburbs, where we are helping middle son Joshua begin studies at the Conservatory of Music at Wheaton College. We drove down and over from Vancouver via Interstate 90, thus traversing Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois–with stops at Yellowstone Park and the Black Hills. I hope to write about some theological and religious questions raised for me in the comparison of how we are treating “nature” in both of those places (briefly: very differently, and in bad and good ways in both, in my view).

We intend to return via I-80, thus traversing Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, part of Utah, Idaho, and Washington again, with a brief stop to visit the Mormon sites in Salt Lake City.

After Labour Day, then, I expect to be back in the normal groove and to post something substantial shortly thereafter. In the meanwhile, I wish you a pleasant end of summer and beginning of fall. Having narrowly escaped destruction in winds approaching 90 mph here in Wheaton yesterday, please receive that wish as more than a pleasantry!

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