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Superb Christmas "Radio"

As we head toward Advent and brace for the inescapable sugary fog of commercial “holiday” music playing everywhere, here’s a terrific alternative. Steve Bell’s Signpost Music label is featuring samples of their wide Christmas catalogue as free online “radio.”

Give it a listen–and then buy some. If you’re feeling the pinch of this lingering economic downturn (and who isn’t?), imagine how musicians are doing!

And Signpost has an extraordinary sale on their CDs, so buy lots as presents. Steve’s own Christmas album, The Feast of Seasons, is one of my favourite Christmas albums (and Kari and I have The World’s Largest Collection of Christmas Music–over 200 CDs). Fellow Signpost artist Carolyn Arends’s Christmas: An Irrational Season, is extraordinarily refreshing also.

So do what you’re supposed to do at this time of year: listen to music and BUY SOMETHING!


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