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Dr. Stackhouse's blog has moved to as of August 2023 visit there for the latest posts and news!
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Welcome to the New Site

You’ve noticed, perhaps, that the blog looks different. You’ve noticed, perhaps, that it’s located differently, too. You’ve noticed, perhaps (I trust my readers to be a perspicacious bunch), that it’s surrounded by lots of other stuff.

Welcome to the new blog on the new website. I’ve been working with the creative and technical wizards at to produce a new website that I hope will connect me better with people such as your good self and the fine people whom you refer here.

Please take a little tour and e-mail me (or comment here, if you like) on what you experience. And if something doesn’t work right, please let us know as we’ll be in “beta-test” mode for a while.

Thanks, as always, for visiting.

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