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Yes, It’s Out

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

InterVarsity Press has advised me that my new book, Partners in Christ: A Conservative Case for Egalitarianism, has been released. Released, I say, like a roaring lion of righteousness and a flock of peaceful doves. (Oh, dear. I hope the peaceful doves have taken flight before the roaring lion…never mind. I’m no poet.)

Partners in Christ

This earlier book, I am gratified to report, seems to have done lots of individuals and churches some good in wrestling with gender questions. Its efficacy was trammelled, alas, with an accurate-but-off-putting title. Yes, I kept hearing that “the f-word” was keeping people from giving it to their pastors/elders/deacons/fathers/husbands, but also to many of their daughters.

Thus what began as a proposal to retitle the thing grew into a new-ish book…that was then published by a different press. (Don’t ask.)

So thanks to Baker Academic for putting out the first version, and thanks to IVP for putting out this new one.

I call it my “eight-and-a-halfth” book, and I hope you’ll give it a look…and give it to anyone you know who (and this is the target audience) would like to treat women and men equally, in home, church, and society, but cannot yet see how to do so in the light of what the Bible has traditionally been understood to teach.

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