• John G. Stackhouse, Jr.

Who Is Ready?

Last week I preached at the funeral of Evelyn Bodner, 19-year-old daughter of good friends in Moncton, New Brunswick. With the family’s approval, I off this transcript of that message.

I was completely unprepared when Crandall University colleague Prof. Keith Bodner phoned me to say that his daughter had been killed in a car accident on an icy road between Trail and Castlegar, BC. He asked if I would preach at her funeral in Kelowna, and of course I said yes.

I had been enjoying a casual week’s vacation with my family when the dreadful news came. So I flew to Kelowna with nothing appropriate to wear for the service. I ended up preaching in a navy collared shirt and khaki trousers…as if I’d stepped out of an Eddie Bauer catalogue, albeit one aimed at an older, rounder clientele.

My late father was a cancer surgeon. He would operate in the mornings and then meet patients in the afternoons. And almost every day, he once told me, he’d have to give someone the grim news that there was nothing they could do, the disease was too far advanced, and they would face death very soon.

What percentage of his patients were ready for such news? Zero. Who is?

Evelyn Bodner was on her way to write a mid-term exam. She wasn’t ready for death.  Who is?

But she was ready for what comes after.

What does? And how do you prepare for that?

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